Is There An Anonymous Group For People Who Stare at Their Pic Too Much?


Let’s just jump right into it, shall we? Ever since I took this pic a few days ago I can’t stop starting at it!  This pic is unique for two reasons.  In the history of cameras (I’m thinking they came after Christopher Columbus, but I can’t confirm that)  there has never been a pic of me with a dog!  You read my previous post about dogs (if you haven’t, you know what you’re gonna do after reading this one, RIGHT?!), so you know I’m not exactly rushing out to take pics with these four-legged creatures.

LOOK AT ME HERE! Not only is a bulldog sitting next to me, but I’m sitting calmly with my arm draped on him!  I’m I’m I’m I’m actually SMILING while sitting next to a bulldog!

Another reason this pic is unique is ‘cause I color coordinated my shirt to the red in the sofa cushions. I had seen these sofa cushions before I took the pic, and I chose a shirt that would make the red in them stand out!  Oh yeah, I do my research before I pose for a pic!

I just added a third reason this pic is unique.  My hair almost looks like it could be on a shampoo commercial; this is probably the closest it’s gotten to looking like it could be on a Pantene Pro-V commercial!  Well, maybe not!  But it’s too late!  I already wrote that it did, and I’m too lazy to hit the delete button.

I‘ve lost count of how many times I’ve stared at this pic. People keep telling me how much they love it, and the next thing you know I’m  clicking on the photo icon on my phone, and looking at it.  As if to make sure this pic hasn’t flown away from being stared at too much. 

EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU IS TO BLAME FOR MAKING ME STARE AT MY OWN PIC SO MUCH!  Especially the people who work at Dairy Queen.  Your ice cream makes me smile so much every time I see it, and it gives me good practice to smile nicely for when a photo is taken of me!

This pic shows exactly how I smile when I see a big cup of mint chocolate chip ice cream inching towards my face!  This is the same smile I would use if I was on the cover of a tabloid magazine, if I ran away with someone else’s winning  lottery ticket, and if I escaped quicksand with all of my hair still intact!



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