“I Keel Dead People” — what a hilarious ride in the movie theater!

Do you ever rave so much about a movie that people want to throw you into the Niagara Falls just to stop you from talking about it?  That’s my current situation. I’ve probably driven nearly everyone I know insane with my talk of a movie I saw yesterday, and I gladly accept blame for that!
I went to see a Bollywood movie yesterday, and I always feel a little awkward when I see a Bollywood movie in the theater ‘cause I don’t look Indian, and 99.99% of the people in the theater are Indian.The good thing was I was the only one in the theater, so I didn’t have to worry about anyone staring at me.  Read one of my earlier blogs where I go into my identity so you will understand why I make mention of the fact that I don’t look Indian. 

Bollywood movies are usually a hit or miss for me.  I will not just laugh at something because other people find it funny, and some of the humor in Bollywood movies doesn’t get me to even crack a smile.  BUT the movie I saw yesterday, Go Goa Gone, made my stomach hurt from laughing so much.  I had been waiting for this movie for a while and it didn’t disappoint even a little bit. 


So what is Go Goa Gone about?  It’s a zombie comedy.  The first of its kind in Indian cinema, in fact.  If you like zombies you will like this movie…if you like humor you will like this movie…if you like good acting you will like this movie.  This movie is not one to watch with your parents, and don’t go with people who don’t have a wicked sense of humor.


I loved the friendship between the three guys in the movie — Hardik, Luv, and Bunny.  Kunal Khemu (Hardik) was perfection in this movie.   He made me really believe he was that character in real life, and I was so engrossed in his antics every time he was on screen. The one liners in this movie were great, and “I Keel dead people” is just one of them.  The actor who utters that line, Saif Ali Khan, is putting on a Russian accent in this movie.


This movie was so hip and fresh, and wasn’t afraid to go all out to entertain people. I don’t want to give any specific details away but if you watch this movie you will learn how to stop zombies in their tracks if they ever come after you. You will also learn why having a tattoo on your back can get you in trouble at work, among other things.


I give this movie 5 happy zombies (5 stars).


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